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Momon is a friendly, curious, funny little dog: the cute main character of short episodes created to help today’s parents to entertain children in a smart and stimulating way. Every day life is an adventure, even the most critical moments, such as bedtime and mealtime. Momon stories bring children to identify themselves with a new friend to play with and to share positive feelings together.



He is Momon’s inseparable friend. A cloth toy dinosaur, that is often mistaken for a dragon. He follows Momon everywhere and always ends up playing the most uncomfortable part in any game. Between Momon and Dyno there is the same relationship existing between a child and his Teddy: Dyno is cared for, told off, cuddled, slightly mistreated at times, but in the end he always gets the most tender, loving hug.



She is Momon’s bosom buddy. An ever-present playmate, she is the teacher when they play nursery school, she is the nurse to Momon the doctor, and she is always very affectionate and kind.



Peep is a fearless chick, the perfect mate for any adventure: he always suggests the most daring games, and Momon follows him everywhere, in utter fascination.



A lazy, glutton and carefree friend, whose example should not be followed by Momon… But he is the funniest of friends, and he allows Momon to think about what should and what should not be done.



He is the water games specialist. He is a master swimmer, diver and sprayer. Every time water is involved, be it in a pond, in a puddle or in the bathtub, Jumpy is sure to be present!



He is for sure one of a kind friend: despite his spines he is extremely sensitive and quite shy. Although this for sure does not effect him when it comes to having fun! He is the most prudent among his friends but has a sharp sense of humor.



She is MOMON’s hyperactive little friend: she loves practicing sports and she seems to be tireless! When MOMON and all his friends are wondering what to do, she always suggests something amusing. She is also very sweet and unusually greedy for… vegetables!

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Dami Just For... Parents!

Your kids will learn with our characters!
Our aim is to let kids have fun while giving you tools to make them learn as well as helping you throughout the “critical” phases.
Our characters want to become your kids’ best friends!
Allegra Dami Just For Kids shares the needs and values of parents everywhere: quality, safety, learning, amusement, functionality and . . . simply something special!

Dami Just For Kids

momon logo dami justforkids is a factory of characters and edutainment:
a real “assembly line” of ideas, brands and characters that aims to embrace a kid’s world through the development of special contents.

Born in Milan as a start up, and developed internationally around the world. Our mission is a lot of fun for children, always with a smattering of learning.

We believe that special characters can be fun for children, a good help for the families and an extraordinary business too!

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